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Russell Cullingworth MBA


PUBLICATION DATE: October 31, 2017

REVIEW DATE: September 27, 2019
EXPIRY DATE: October 31, 2021

In accordance with the standards of the National Registry of CPE Sponsors, CPE credits have been granted based on a 50-minute hour.

We all know a little about strategy, but do we really understand “Why” and “How” to plan effectively, and the human factor that often causes our planning attempts to fail? This course reveals the essential issues involved in strategy and planning, most often people issues.

Using real-world examples, case-studies and discussions with experts, this audio course will provide an engaging and thought provoking look at why planning is so important and why most managers and leaders fail to plan effectively.

LEARNING OUTCOMES: In this course, you will learn to
•   Establish the importance of visioning (looking ahead)
•   Identify stepts to create a compelling vision 
•   Effectively implement SWOT and Advanced SWOT models
•   Identify reasons why organizations fail to plan effectively
•   Identify how poor communication, jargon and politics get in the way
•   Effectively implement Michael Porter's 5 strategic forces model
•   Distinguish 6-stages of the strategic planning cycle and important feedback loop
•   Effectively implement the Strategic Accountability Reporting (STAR) Framework
•   Recognize why your Accountant can be your best strategic early-warning system

EXPERT INTERVIEWS: Thanks to our experts:
Marshall Goldsmith renowned US Executive Coach, Speaker, Author
Mark Goulston Top America psychiatrist, Author, Corporate Trainer
Robert Gilfoyle  Expert in Planning, Strategy and Digital Transformation

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•   Review questions are included on the handouts tab.  Please print the review questions and, when appropriate after a module has finished, complete the appropriate review question. 
•   Course Index: This course includes a key points handout and a full course transcript. To locate a key term or topic, please search (crtl-F) these documents.
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MINIMUM PASS RATE: A final result of 70% or more is required to pass the course.


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"The Audio format is excellent and the supporting handouts are great... awesome course and layout!"

"I have completed several courses using ProDio. It is an effective and convenient way to complete professional development courses. This course was particularly interesting and well done."

"Fantastic progression through strategy - also gave me tools to help me with the "how to" which I've struggled with in my firm and personally."

"I really enjoyed the course. The materials were well presented and never felt boring. I liked the modulized approach as I can do the course throughout the day in between meetings or tasks as needed. Fantastic stuff!"

"Fantastic online course which easily exceeded my expectations. Presentation style and module makeup made it easy to get through the materials step by step. Very well done!"

"Excellent quality course, exceeding my expectations due to the depth of content, inclusion of pros and cons, and examples provided to drive home the concepts."


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