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PUBLICATION DATE: October 31, 2017
REVIEW DATE: October 31, 2019
EXPIRY DATE: October 31, 2020


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Digital Technology (DT) is driving massive change in the workplace. Organizations of all types and sizes are investing in it to improve collaboration, increase productivity, and transform the customer experience. This course covers the most critical knowledge and skills needed to become an effective ‘digital leader’ – someone who can thrive in a leadership role in this new and challenging environment. 

This course is engaging, practical, and features real-life case studies and interviews with internationally recognized experts.


EXPERT INTERVIEWS - Thanks to our experts:
Jane McConnell, writer, researcher and consultant, Netstrategy/JMC.
Andy Reynolds, Former GM, Energy, Mining and Environment at the National Research Council
Brad Palmer, President, Jostle (voted fastest growing company in BC by "Business in Vancouver")
Michael Hartmann, Executive Director, EMBA in Digital Transformation, DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University.
Marty Hasselbach, COO, Fully Managed


1. Determine the importance of adapting to the reality of a digital workplace
2. Identify three simple ‘digital leadership’ principles to make rapid, visible progress in work situations where digital technology is creating rapid change 
3. Establish the importance of vision and strategy in volatile rapidly changing industries
4. Determine effective strategies that makes the most of emerging opportunities
5. Identify seven aspects of an organization's culture that can either support or undermine it as attempts to embrace digital technology
6. Identify 4 steps to the S.P..IN technique and their practical application
7. Determine proven methods for leading teams and collaborative projects, with members in remote locations, using technology.
8. Identify and select the most suitable type of communications technology to use in a variety of leadership situations.
9. Identify and apply essential leadership behaviors and attitudes specific to leading virtual and remote teams
10. Identify the 4 steps of the L.E.A.D. method for digital leadership and their practical application.

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