About us

IT TAKES A TEAM effort to create and deliver high quality, engaging "Story Style" courses for professionals.

Our team includes Expert Instructors, Professional Sound Studios, Sound Designers and Engineers, Professional Voice Artists and, of course, Professional Associations.


“This has been my 3rd course in this format and I am extremely pleased with it. The ease of listening while on the WCE or any mode of transit, including walking, has been a perfect way to learn and earn my PD points. Looking forward to the next one and hope to see more in 2018.” Lise, CPA

"That was the most interesting course I have taken in years! I am motivated to change my summer reading list to your top book recommendations." CPA

"Really enjoyed the format and content. Particularly liked the inclusion of current events to illustrate points. Also good mix of hosts, interviews, and other audio clips." CPA


We are constantly adding new Professional Development courses to our course catalog, and expert instructors are an important part of creating high quality content. Our team of expert instructors have many years of expertise in their fields and are actively participating in their respective industries.

If you are an instructor with an engaging speaking style and experience in creating Professional Development courses, please email us at info@prodiolearning.com to explore how we can partner with you to create a compelling and engaging audio course. We have an excellent compensation and royalty package for instructors.

our founders

ProDio is a Canadian Federal Company founded by Russell and Christine Cullingworth.

Our head office is in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Russell Cullingworth


Russell is an experienced business and finance professional, speaker and facilitator with an MBA in Strategy from Simon Fraser University, and he has delivered in-person professional development and corporate training courses for over 8 years.

Christine Cullingworth


Christine is a professional voice artist and the smooth "voice" of ProDio. You will hear her on all our courses. As VP, Production, she works with our talented instructors, sound studios, engineers and sound designers to create our exceptionally engaging courses.