A Risky Business


Jordan Wilson, CFA, CPA, CA, CFP


A RISKY BUSINESS: Risk Management Tools for Professionals

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RISK. Maybe you manage a business. Audit companies. Prepare financial or management accounting data. Work on insolvencies, business valuations, or mergers and acquisitions. Perhaps you advise clients on their accounting, financial, investing, or legal affairs. Or you just analyze potential investments on your own account.

Regardless of what you do, identifying, assessing and managing risk plays a crucial role in your daily life. 

And that is this course. How to strengthen your business and investment risk knowledge so that you can successfully identify, assess, and manage those risks in your career and personal affairs. No doubt you already have a decent grasp of risk. Maybe from an accounting, financial, or legal perspective. That’s a good start. And the content assumes you do have some knowledge of the topic. Jordan Wilson brings significant experience in accounting, finance, fiduciary, and risk management in sharing his knowledge of risk management. During the course, he and a few industry experts, discuss business and investment risk. Likely a little deeper and from slightly different perspectives than you have dealt with previously.  The intent is to have you finish with some food for thought, as well as a few pieces of new information that will allow you to better deal with risk. 



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1. Differentiate between pure and investment risk.

2. Define risk aversion and understand why investors are risk averse.

3. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of standard deviation as a risk measure. 

4. Define, compare, and cite examples of, systematic and non-systematic risks.

5. Understand how to assess systematic and nonsystematic risks in both investment and business analysis. 

6. Define liquidity risk and describe its key variables. 

7. Compare and contrast liquidity risk factors in businesses, physical assets, and financial instruments.

8. Understand the keys when assessing liquidity in publicly traded, bankable assets.

9. Describe the general risk-return relationship and understand when it may not be applicable. 

10. Define the main methods that individuals and businesses manage risk. 

11. Explain how good investors manage risk in their investment portfolios. 

12. Understand how asset allocations, diversification, and correlations are crucial in prudent portfolio construction. 


EXPERT INTERVIEWS - thanks to our expert guests

Cal Jacober, Assurance Partner with PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC)

Johanna Salloum, Director of Investments and Partner with PFM Capital.

Michele Morley, President, Spirit Pine Energy, a Canadian CPA CA with over 25 years experience in public accounting, insolvency, and as an entrepreneur

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