What is Influence?


Russell Cullingworth MBA


Welcome to this 16-minute micro-learning installment where we explore the question "What is Influence?"

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In today's fast-paced and competitive world, the ability to influence others is a critical skill in successfully achieving your goals. Influence is the art of persuading others to believe in your ideas, follow your lead, and take action towards a shared vision. It is a powerful tool that can be used to inspire change, build relationships, and drive success in all areas of life.  

But what exactly is influence, and how can you become more effective in using it to build trust and credibility? This course is designed to answer those questions and equip you with the practical tools and strategies you need to become a more influential leader, team member, or individual.

Influence is not about being manipulative or controlling; it's about building trust and credibility through your words and actions. When you have influence, people listen to you, respect your opinions, and are more likely to support your ideas. This is essential in today's complex and interconnected world where collaboration and cooperation are key to success.


In this first installment you will gain a better understanding of influence, what it means and why it is more important than authority.

with recognized expert guests Marshall Goldsmith, Chris Widener, Roz Savage and John David Mann.

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