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REALTOR® Safety - Tips and Techniques to Keep you Safe
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According to the 2020 National Association for REALTORS® safety report, one third of REALTORS felt unsafe at a showing or at an open house.

Safety holds significant importance for REALTORS® due to the unique nature of their work. Real estate professionals frequently meet with a diverse range of clients in various settings, including vacant properties and unfamiliar neighborhoods. These encounters may at times involve being alone with clients of varying familiarity, introducing potential safety risks.

Additionally, the prevalent use of online platforms and social media to showcase REALTORS®
and properties can attract individuals with differing intentions. Prioritizing your safety, and the safety of your client's property through secure communication practices, background checks, and the implementation of safe meeting protocols not only serves as a professional responsibility but also as an ethical obligation for REALTORS®. This commitment helps foster trust with clients and ensures a sense of security within an often unpredictable profession.

SENSITIVITY WARNING: Please be advised that this audio course contains an acted dramatization of a texting harassment and a threatening open house scenario that may be uncomfortable or triggering to some listeners.  

In this course you will learn:

•   How to recognize harassment and when to get help
•   How to effectively manage harassment
•   Establish and maintain a professional online presence
•   Maintain boundaries between your personal and professional online presence
•   Best practices for vetting and screening potential clients
•   Active situational awareness and safety planning
•   Practical tips and techniques to stay safe during showings and open houses
•   How to stay safe at the office
•   Considerations about driving in a car with clients


You'll hear from four highly experienced professional REALTORS who share their own stories, experience and tips when it comes to safety.  Our guest REALTORS, in order of appearance, are:

•   Shannon Cutler, REALTOR®, Safety Instructor and former police officer
•   Sandra Wyant, REALTOR®, WyantCraig Real Estate Group
Reed Hortie, REALTOR®, EXP Realty
Gemma Wilson, REALTOR®, Maven Real Estate Group

A great deal of thanks to our contributing guests for willingly sharing your stories and advice.

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