Avoiding Investment Fraud


Kelley Keehn, Best Selling Author


PROTECTING YOUR CLIENT: A Professional's Guide to spotting and understanding the Red Flags of Investment Fraud

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Would you have been duped by Bernie Madoff or Earl Jones?  Would your client’s have been swindled?  Award winning and best-selling author, Kelley Keehn, will guide listeners through the often-devastating world of investment scams.  You work hard to help your clients become financially literate and to achieve success with their money.  However, fraudsters are lurking around every corner – real and digitally – to take advantage of them.  You can help change that! 

In this course, you’ll learn the trends of investment frauds, hear from government officials and experts that are at the front lines.  You will find out the red flags so you can teach your clients, family and friends how to protect themselves so they don’t fall victim to this growing crime.

LEARNING OUTCOMES: In this course you will learn
•   Investment Fraud facts and statistics
•   To understand how Ponzi schemes work
•   4 ways that Ponzi Schemes fall apart
•   4 red flags that may indicate a fraudulent investment scheme
•   3 red flags that indicate a collapse of your investment may be imminent
•   Understand Binary Options, Offshore or tax-free investment schemes, Securities Fraud, Pump and Dump Schemes
•   7 Tips on Leveraging Risk (case study)
•   8 Action Steps to protect your client and yourself
•   5 questions you should ask your current or new financial advisor or planner

EXPERT INTERVIEWS - thanks to our expert guests:

Cary List, President and CEO, Financial Planning Standards Council
John DeGoey, Certified Financial Planner, portfolio manager and the author of “The Professional Financial Advisor”
Tyler Fleming, Director, Investor Office with the Ontario Securities Commission
Kurt Rosentreter, CPA, CA, CFP, CLU, FCSI, CIMA, President, Upper Canada Capital Inc.
Felicia Gopal, CFP and CFP Board Ambassador
Jordan Wilson, Certified Financial Planner and Portfolio Manager with Wilson Wealth Management.
Marguerita Cheng, CFP and CFP Board Ambassador

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