80-20 Digital Transformation (FREE)


Robert Gilfoyle


The 80/20 approach to Leading Digital Transformation (FREE)

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If we didn't realize it before, the Covid-19 pandemic has made digital transformation a pressing reality, and dramatically escalated the timeline. The only question now is, do you move toward full-scale or partial digital transformation?

This free micro-module can be used as a leadership development resource on a stand-alone basis, or as an introductory module to accompany the full ProDio course, "Leading Digital Transformaion" or the USA version, "Digital Transformation USA", which is specifically designed to meet the standards of the NASBA Registry of CPE Providers in the USA.

This micro-module provides an essential explanation and understanding on what Digital Transformation is, the most important things to focus on when leading such a transformation, and also explains what needs to be considered when creating strategy in this digital age.

We hope you enjoy this free ProDio mobile audio micro-module!


.25 Hours

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