80-20 Digital Transformation (FREE)


Robert Gilfoyle


The 80/20 approach to Leading Digital Transformation (FREE)

If we didn't realize it before, the Covid-19 pandemic has made digital transformation a pressing reality, and dramatically escalated the timeline. The only question now is, do you move toward full-scale or partial digital transformation?

This free micro-module can be used as a leadership development resource on a stand-alone basis, or as an introductory module to accompany the full ProDio course, Leading Digital Transformation, instructed by Rob Gilfoyle. 

This micro-module provides an essential explanation and understanding on what Digital Transformation is, the most important things to focus on when leading such a transformation, and also explains what needs to be considered when creating strategy in this digital age.

We hope you enjoy this free ProDio mobile audio micro-module!


.25 Hours

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